Postseason To Feel Like A New Season For High School Teams

They call the playoffs the second season, but for high school basketball teams around the state of Georgia it will seem more like a new season. Thanks to this week’s winter storm, the GHSA  was forced to push back  the date for region tournaments to be complete to February 19. Now that everyone impacted by the storm is starting to dig out, play will resume this weekend. Remember, no school no practice, and with some teams last touching a basketball over a week ago some coaches are not quite sure what they will see when their teams hit the floor.

“Seems like the best solution given the circumstances,” says Clay Crump, who coached the Eagles Landing boys to a state title last season before moving to Harrison High School. ” It’s awesome news,” says Dunwoody boys coach Kevin Dankosky. ” Every player deserves a chance to play for the state championship.”

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But not all coaches are happy about the decision to move the region tournament date back and begin play with little or no practice time.

” I believe in safety first,but it is sad to have teams sit idle for so long and then play region tournaments,” says Rockdale County boys coach Al Williams. “The rust will affect the tournaments outcomes.” Drew boys coach Jarrod Davis feels their could be an advantage for teams from areas that didn’t see as much winter weather. “Some areas will be impacted beyond Saturday while some areas will be ready to go Friday. Is it fair to let those areas go ahead and play ? I would say come up with a plan when region tournaments should resume and end.”

There is also the matter of revamping the dates for the state tournament, something the GHSA is still hammering out. But first things first, the extended break for the teams is coming to an end. What we see from some teams may look more like November, than February. The second season is supposed to be a time when the slate is wiped clean and everyone’s record is back to 0-0.This week’s winter storm has all but guaranteed it.

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It doesn’t seem to bother Kyle Snipes very much. His St. Pius girls won a state championship last season. ” We are finishing our region on February 18 as of now. I hate having no time for live scouting, but if we have at least a day to prep for first round of the state I’m ok ”

And so it begins again!! There will be some bumps along the way, and  expect some big surprises on “The Road To Macon “.  Fasten your seatbelts, the best part of the season is about to begin..

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