Up, Up and Away! Parks Sisters Update

It’s the first weekend in June and it’s an important weekend for the Amazing Parks Sisters. Alycia and Mikayla traveled to College Park, Maryland, to take part in a High Performance Tennis Combine. It’s the first of several trips they’ll be taking during the summer months to participate in training sessions at facilities that are designated as High Performance Facilities by the United States Tennis Association. This weekend’s trip comes a week after the Parks Sisters spent two days participating in workout sessions that were taped at Rick Macci’s academy in Florida. Alycia and Mikayla were among some of the nation’s elite junior talent that will be seen in future installments of Tennis Channel Academy. The Tennis Channel’s cameras came to Florida to show Macci’s special brand of instruction and the Amazing Parks Sisters were there. In all, four segments were taped last Friday and Saturday. According to Michael Parks, ” The producers of the television project were amazed at what they saw from Alycia and Mikayla.”

Remember, this is June, so now we can say that the Parks Sisters have been playing tennis for two years. They now have their summer workout schedule that has them on the court twice daily, from 8 to 10 a.m. followed by school work, then back on court from 3-5 p.m. After the afternoon workout it’s time to go to the beach, or ride on their bikes and scooters for awhile before doing homework. This time is important to Michael Parks, who wants the girls to have fun, and when workout time is done Alycia and Mikayla usually leave the facility to keep their lives balanced.

Finally, Alycia and Mikayla would like to give a special thanks to Airtran Airways for their assistance with travel to the High Performance Tennis Combine in Maryland this weekend. It may be the start of a long relationship  that could include a feature on the Parks Sisters in the “GO” inflight magazine. We’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, the segments that were shot at Rick Macci’s will be shown in July and August on the Tennis Channel. Also, don’t forget to read about the Amazing Parks Sisters in the July/Augusta edition of USTA Magazine. And keep an eye on Sam’s Passing Shots. There’s more to come….

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