Come Out And Play…

Hello on a rainy Saturday. It won’t be a good day for tennis and it gives me an excuse to miss playing. I must admit, the weather has been perfect for playing recently but schedule and commitments have kept me away from the game I love. I promised myself that after age 50 (now 51), that I would get my game in shape and play some tournaments. Try to take some hardware from the old heads. I still want to make that happen. Yesterday I ended up on the court for the first of a series of  tennis related events, sponsored by Cadillac. The event is good news for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s good to see that GM has recovered to the point that it can once again be involved with sporting events in the community. The economy had kept GM on the sidelines and away from involvement with golf tournaments. GM officials that I spoke with say that they want to aim at the tennis market and that Atlanta was the area that they wanted to start in. Of course I agree with them. When it comes to tennis there is “No Town Like The A”!  Cadillac Tennis Taste Drive was held at the tennis complex at the Lake Windward Community in Alpharetta and was an event that provided tennis instruction, food by Chef Linton Hopkins and test driving new Cadillacs. It was a great time and I got a much needed tip to help my wandering forehand.To watch for future events keep an eye on
If you have been playing and feel like you are up to playing in tournaments for a good cause, I have two for you: Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron and wife Billye Aaron will host the 9th annual Golf and Tennis Weekend in support of the Morehouse School of Medicine. The tennis event will be played at Sugar Creek in Decatur and will be operated by the Coan Tennis Association. Play begins next Friday, April 30th and runs through Sunday, May 2nd. For more info go to
The other event is next Saturday at Horseshoe Bend. Tennis For CURE is a tournament to benefit CURE Childhood Cancer, and will be played in honor of 10-year-old Madie Dreesman, who suffers from “Rhabdoid Cancer.” The doubles teams will be made up of an adult and teenager and play will begin at 2 p.m. For more info contact Melissa Anthony at 770-778-1715. 

Hopefully the rain will be gone next Saturday so that you can Come Out And Play.

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