Peach State College Sports Seeks Student Sports Writers

Last fall college students from around the state of Georgia were provided an opportunity to write about sports at their school each week on Peach State College Sports. The students enjoyed writing about their teams, their classmates and their friends. There were some who received class credit for their work and their work received more exposure.

Now we would like to expand the list of contributors to include the southeast. The requirements are to provide at least one content item each week. It can be either a blog (with picture), video (provide a link) , or a photo gallery.

There are plans for a competition between student sports writers with the winners receiving prizes. The competition would only be open to weekly contributors to Peach State College Sports. Many of the contributors are either Journalism or Communications majors, but that is not required. You must be currently enrolled at a 4 year College or a Jr.College in order to participate.

Interested parties should communicate through the contact page on this website.

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