Great Giving, Great Caring, Great Sharing

I’ve never been much for card games of any kind. Not that I don’t like cards, just never spent much time trying to learn. I don’t even play computer Solitare. So you can imagine what went through my mind when I was invited to be a featured blackjack dealer for a fundraising casino night. Lucky for me a co-worker came to the rescue with a crash course. Our Executive Producer for Sports, Tracy Carmony, brought her deck of cards to work and tought me “Blackjack Dealing 101.” So, after reporting LIVE, from the Georgia Tech baseball game it was off to the Marriott Marquis downtown to help people “gamble” for good. Atlanta-based Morrison Management Specialists ( was the host for MPower, its charitable giving foundation. 100% of the proceeds went to Meals on Wheels Association of America. It was a night of great food prepared by celebrity chefs and music by Rupert’s Orchestra. Everyone was dressed for an elegant evening and in this atmosphere yours truly was shown to the blackjack tables to begin my duties. I had company: my co-worker Chesley McNeil was there to participate in the evening’s activities. Chesley ended up at the craps table and I heard occasional screams coming from that direction. I hope they were for good reason, for Chesley’s sake. I managed to deal several hands to some delightful people who were caught up in the spirit of the evening, just having fun. I would like to thank my friend Claudia Brooks D’Avanzo for inviting me to be a part of such a wonderful event. The second annual “Great Giving, Great Caring, Great Sharing” casino night was a big hit, and I’m going to sharpen my dealing skills in hopes of being invited back again next year.

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