Surviving Day One Of Championship Week


Hello from the heart of the Peach State, where Georgia’s best high school basketball teams are dueling for the title of Champion. Like most events held over a period of days, sometime the hardest part is making it through the first day.


Even a simple thing like getting to the Macon Coliseum can get complicated for someone who rarely comes to Macon.How hard could it be. There are huge green signs on Interstate 75 south from Atlanta that say… MACON. The signes make things pretty easy, Unless..unless you do what I did.

Once inside the city I-16 splits and veers to the left, away from I-75. I stayed on I-75 veering to the right and taking the first exit labeled Downtown Macon. I then saw a sign that said Macon Coliseum turn right, and that’s when the fun started.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been to Macon a time or two, and as I drove I did some reflecting. It was after a certain Braves pitcher said some unkind words about New York folks a few years ago that Macon became rather large on my radar. In the days and weeks that followed I was dispatched to Macon so much I had thoughts of having my mail delivered here. Each time that I would come, back then, I always hoped for a chance to visit Macon under more pleasant circumstances.

I thought that GHSA State Championship Week would be an excellent time to enjoy some time in Macon. The problem this time was that I had been driving down a road for 20 minutes, seeing no familiar landmarks and then I saw something that stopped me in my tracks.Wait for it…. the front gate of Wesleyan College.

Good Golly Miss Molly!!! I’m lost in Macon and it’s about to be 1:30. I am due to broadcast the first game of the day that starts at 3pm, and I didn’t leave bread crumbs to help find my way home. I called Jon Nelson who calmly directed me to my destination.

I’m glad that I made it in time to see the Taylor County Girls complete a perfect 31-0 season and win the A Public Championship. The other winners on Day 1 were the Calhoun County Boys, Buford Girls, and Jonesboro Boys.

Today play resumes with the Girls AA game between region rivals Wesleyan and Holy Innocents’ at 3pm. Crawford County vs Seminole County in the AA Boys final at 4:45pm. The AAAAA Girls final will feature Stephenson and Mays at 7pm, with Brunswick taking on Allatoona for the Boys AAAAA Championship at 8:45pm. I am excited to once agian be a part of the broadcast crew for day 2 of GHSA Championship Week on GPB and

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