Peach State College Sports Contributor Receives Prestigious Honor

Brian Stewart, the first writer to join the Peach State College Sports blog staff, was selected as a recipient of the Esther Award at the University of Georgia, which is given once per year to the top two broadcast interns in the state of Georgia.
esther award

The award is selected by a committee of administrators and professors based on their evaluation of students and their internships. There is no nomination or application process.
Brian worked on the PSCS blog in the fall of 2013, covering UGA athletics. He created a weekly column called the “Pick Six” on top of his normal sports coverage. He enlisted the help of a part-time photographer (and full-time girlfriend) to document football gameday experiences, even giving the readers a glimpse into the average gameday of the Redcoat Marching Band.

Before his internship with the PSCS blog, Brian interned with 13 WMAZ, a TV station in Macon, Georgia, where he worked alongside the sports team. This is his natural medium, but it was through his friends at WMAZ that Brian found Sam Crenshaw and the PSCS blog.

He is a Digital and Broadcast Journalism major, but the administration agreed that his expansion to another medium (online/print) was invaluable with the convergent state of today’s media landscape. That is to say, each form is blending into one. Television broadcasters need print skills, and vice-versa. And everyone needs to utilize the Internet.

The PSCS blog gave Brian the perfect opportunity to expand his horizons in the sports media market, adding another tool to his proverbial tool belt. He’s a proud alumnus of the PSCS blog, and hopes to cover college football for what he calls “big boy money.”

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