Paint Serena Red, White, Blue… and Gold

I don’t know about you, but I have totally enjoyed the Olympic tennis tournament. I thought that having the Olympic tournament played at the All-England Club would add a touch of history to an already historic event and it completely lived up to everything I imagined it would be. The crowd was not the usual Wimbledon crowd.There was a bit more chatter between points, that at times gave it more of Flushing Meadow feel. It was with this backdrop that Serena Williams turned in one of the most remarkable performances of her career, and joined Steffi Graf as the only women to win all four grand slam events, and an Olympic gold medal.

Throughout her career Wimbledon has been known as big sister, Venus’, house. Let the record reflect that in the summer of 2012, little sister was holding the key. By winning Wimbledon last month and coming back to the same location to claim gold for the United States, Williams has firmly restored herself at the top player in the women’s game again. Some may want to call this a comeback, I prefer to call it a rebirth.

There’s nothing like almost losing something to make you value , and treasure it even more. For Serena Williams it was an injury followed by illness that threatened both life and career. Faced with a simular situation, most of us would evaluate and take inventory of both success and failure. Then there are those glasses that we leave half empty, or would that be half full. No doubt Williams took inventory of her remarkable career and had time to reflect on some of those half full glasses.

There is an old saying , ” If only youth had wisdom.” How many times have we seen professional atheletes in the latter stages of their careers wishing for the vitality to go along with wisdom and knowledge that had been gathered along the way. At both Wimbledon and the Olympics, Serena Williams summoned the enthusiam of her youth to go with the wisdom of her 30 years and the result was sheer dominance.

Serena Williams triumph over Maria Sherapova lasted 1 hour and 3 minutes, and maybe it’s fitting for the sands in the hour glass are now fewer for Williams. She danced on the court after winning the gold medal at the Olympics, and all the while hearing the sound of a ticking clock. Maybe it’s that ticking clock that now motivates Serena or could it be her sense of history,or perhaps it’s those half full glasses from years gone by. It promises to be vintage Serena, and when it’s done all glasses will be empty !!   New York City… You’re Next !!!

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