New Faces : Creekside’s Maurice Dixon

Ah Homecoming, that special weekend when we return to the school of community that once nurtured us and played such a vital role in our personal development. It’s a time to reflect, reminisce, reconnect and remember with schoolmates, mentors and friends.Most of us have to wait until late September or October to celebrate homecoming, but not Maurice Dixon. His celebration started the moment he as named new Head Coach at his alma mater Creekside High School. “I’m living the dream”, says Dixon. “This is my high school,so the opportunity to come back and serve these young men is a dream come true”.

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Dixon succeeds Will Rogers, who after an 8-3 mark in 2015 brought the Seminoles home at 5-5 and out of the playoffs in 2016. Dixon, who had been on the coaching staff at Drew in Clayton County was a popular choice. “For a while people in the community have been wanting me to come back and help at home”, says Dixon. “I was just trying to build my craft to make sure that when I came back I could do a great job.”

Dixon credits the other coaches in his life and career for preparing him for this most special opportunity. ” My former boss Dorwyn Lyles , at Drew, taught me about being disciplined as a coach “, says Dixon. ” Jarrett Laws, also at Drew, taught me about offense and the passing game.” Perhaps the coach that Maurice Dixon credits the most is high school coach Amos McCreary. McCreary was head coach at Creekside for 10 years before moving on to Whitewater in Fayette County.

Dixon credits Coach McCreary with teaching him how to work hard and make it through tough times. Now the Creekside Alum will pass those lessons on to the 2017 Seminoles . “I tell them about things that happened when I was at Creekside, things that made our program so successful,”says Dixon. “If I can get them to work like we worked and be a family like we were, we will be very successful.”

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Dixon was hired on June 20, and didn’t get to go through spring drills at Creekside. Nevertheless he is upbeat about what can happen this season. After a good summer of workouts and conditioning the first year head coach has a short list of things that he wants to see form his team. “I want to see them compete “, says Dixon. Play fast, and be physical. I want them to be coachable and limit mistakes on big plays. Those things will be very important to us being a good football team”.

Dominant Friday nights in “The Swamp” could be back in the not too distant future. The Creekside Seminoles open the 2017 season August 18 at Sandy Creek.

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