Georgia State’s Buchanan Was Happy To Feel The Heat Again

GSU Alum David Buchanan talks with 11Alive's Fred Kalil before the Phillies face the Braves.

GSU Alum David Buchanan talks with 11Alive’s Fred Kalil before the Phillies face the Braves.

Thursday night David Buchanan reached yet another career milestone, throwing 105 pitches while going 7 2/3 innings and picking up his 3rd major league victory as the Philadelphia Phillies beat the St. Louis Cardinals 4-1. Just the day before I spoke with Buchanan at Turner Field,as the Phillies prepared to complete a sweep of the Braves in one of those midweek games that start at noon.

The heat and humidity was brick wall thick, and none of the visitors from the City Of Brotherly Love seemed eager to venture from the clubhouse a minute sooner that they needed to. When asked for an interview David reached for his Phillies hoodie, a move that he seemed to regret soon after emerging through the clubhouse door. “We saved some of that Georgia heat for you David”, I said. The former Fayette County High School star just smiled and said,” Yes, It’s been a while “. The Phillies upper level farm clubs are in Pennsylvania and close to the parent ball club. Buchanan spent the 2012 and 1013 seasons playing for Redding and Lehigh Valley, not places know for the type of heat that he grew up playing in.

David Buchanan’s return to Turner Field also brought him just blocks away from Georgia State University. David was one of the CAA’s to performers as member of the Panthers baseball team. ” It’s surreal to be here, so close to a place where I was playing just a few years ago”. Buchanan also likes the idea of Georgia State Athletics moving into the Turner Field area when the Braves relocate. ” I think it would be awesome”, says Buchanan. “It’s so close to campus that more kids could attend games. Now they have to travel so far to watch Georgia State Baseball. It can be pretty hard to make it out there ( Panthersville Complex).”

It’s 2 hours before first pitch but the heat was steaming already. Buchanan didn’t seem to feel a thing. ” Since I was 4 years old I’ve been playing baseball “, says Buchanan. ” I always wanted to be a professional ball player. Been to over 100 ball games in this stadium and now I’m getting to live my dream”. A dream that became reality a month ago, when David was called up to make a start for an injured Cliff Lee. Buchanan pitched 5 solid innings, surrendering 2 runs, and picking up his first major league win against the Los Angeles Dodgers. “Winning my debut was great, but having my family there made it even better. You just can’t put a price on that”.

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