Falcons Fly Away Until The Holidays………Good


Atlanta’s NFL franchise has flown all the way to Europe in search of something that has eluded them for the past 4 weeks, a win . The Falcons haven’t come close on the field in recent weeks, and this week they have already missed the spot with a promotional map of the teams travel path. It seems to have the team landing in Spain rather than London, England. Wishful thinking for a team that left town after a scene that longtime fans Falcons saw far to many times back in the day .

falcons bag heads

That’s why I say it’s good that the Falcons are gone until the week of Thanksgiving. Who needs to see that terrible scene from two weeks ago when the Chicago fans got so loud that the Falcons had to make adjustments just to call a play.This week’s contest is a Falcons home game, being played in the land of that other game known as football.I’m not a big fan of this game because it’s denies area football fans a chance of a homecoming for Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford.But when you think of the possibility of the fans of one of the few NFL teams to never play in a Super Bowl taking over the Georgia Dome, you think that maybe it’s best to be played thousands of miles away.

falcons ryan sacked

Before the season began it was no secret that the Falcons were an organization faced with a situation of urgency. The team’s front office and coaching staff were handed the task of proving that last season’s 4-12 mark was a fluke and that the birds could return to post season form and keep the fan base in support of the big hole in the ground on Northside Drive.

I guess this should come as no surprise after the Falcons were roped into taking part in the NFL’s reality TV show, Hard Knocks. It was the Fightin’ Falcons,showing a tougher side for the HBO cameras. Seems like all of that happened two years.

I’m not a big fan of reality TV. Personally I think that most of it is a human train wreck.We know that watching people act that way is something we should not want to see, but it’s so irresistible we just can’t turn away. Well folks, it looks like our NFL team is on it’s way to being that human train wreck. The offensive line that was a question mark from the start has been decimated by injuries.The defense that is devoid of any intimidating players is getting pushed around each week like a group of old lawn chairs.

Look folks, reality TV is actually scripted , like WWE. A script writer might be the only hope this Falcons team has for a happy ending to the 2014 season. But that writer better get a move on. I feel a breeze starting to blow and by December it will be strong enough to howl through Flowery Branch and take many of the Falcons decision makers right along with it.

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